Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And The Magic Eight Ball Says ...

I went geocaching today.  I parked downtown and found five caches along an 8.69 mile route.  In one of the caches I found a miniature magic eight ball.  I decided that I couldn't leave the cache without asking a question so I asked:

Will I finish the Camino?

The magic eight ball responded with an answer in it's little window:

I Say Yes!

Well then, I feel so much more confident now.


  1. YES! Excellent. The Magic 8 ball never lies. Except when it has bad news. :)

  2. Do not question The Magic 8 Ball.

    Never question The Magic 8 Ball.

    There will be consequences if you do.

    Horror beyond imagination.

    Do not question The Magic 8 Ball.

  3. MMC, GH: You are both very right and very funny.