Homer's Travels: Is It A Good Deed When No Deed Is Done?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is It A Good Deed When No Deed Is Done?

The other day I was sitting in the den, putzing with the computer, when I hear, through the open window, the chinga-chinga of a passing ice cream truck.  I would normally think nothing of it except for what followed.  From my window I heard the voice of a little girl saying in her little voice ...
"Stop.  Please.  I want ice cream.  Don't go.  I'm coming.  Please stop ..."
I went to the window and saw a little girl pushing her little bike up the street as fast as her little legs would go ... which, incidentally, was not very fast.  The ice cream truck driver did not hear her little cries for ice cream, her voice drowned out by the chinga-chinga of his, out of tune, bells.  He turned up a side street and was about to go away when I found myself yelling out the open window ...
... at the top of my lungs.  To my surprise, the ice cream truck driver stopped.  I'm sure he wondered what the heck was that.  I yelled out the window, this time at the little girl ...
"He's just around the corner.  He's waiting for you.  Hurry"
She hurried and I'm sure the ice cream truck driver saw her.  I sat back down in front of the computer, satisfied with my good deed, when I heard that tiny voice say:
"I don't have money.  I have to go get some money."
I sighed and waited.  Minutes passed and I heard the ice cream truck's bells chinga-chinga once again as it pulled away.  I figured that the little girl had gotten some money and was enjoying her ice cream.

Five minutes, more or less, went by and once again I heard that tiny little voice, in the saddest little tone, say:
"Where did he go?"

*sigh*  My good deed was all for naught.


  1. Ok, that just makes me want to cry. You're a good egg for trying to help her. Of course, it was a good deed. Next time really help her out and give her some ice cream money.

  2. Oh, man! That's just not right!

    Okay, here's what you need to do: keep a stock of ice cream bars in the freezer just for emergencies like this. Or a couple of dollar bills on the desk. You would be a hero, saving the day!

    Seriously, I actually felt five years old again reading this. :(

    (Good for you for trying to help, though.)

  3. Oh my! her tiny voice! Her little legs! Heartbreaking and wonderfully told.

  4. Wife: It was sad. If I gave her money, and she was lactose intolerant, then I would have been in trouble.

    GH: Ice cream in our freezer?!? They would have a half life of less than 24 hours. Minutes actually.

    MMC: Thank you :)