Homer's Travels: We're Going To Get Spanked

Sunday, February 13, 2011

We're Going To Get Spanked

As I type this post it is 65°F outside.  It's a beautiful sunny day with a light southerly breeze.  In the middle of February no less.  The Wife has even broken out the shorts and we have the windows open airing out the homestead.  When the weather is this good in mid-winter you know that we will be punished sooner or later.

Of course, this could be compensation for the virus attack our computer experienced last night.  The System Tool 2011 Virus/Trojan took over the computer.  It pops up a fake anti-virus scan and claims to have found a ton of infections then offers to fix them ... for a price.  To make it worse it prevents the execution of all programs so you can't browse to search for information, run system restore, or even run your anti-virus program.  I ended up booting from a CD and running system restore from there.  Then, after a success boot I ran my anti-virus program and deleted that sucker.  I now have full scans scheduled automatically (I was using the real-time scan but it didn't catch it, something other people online have been complaining about).  It was a relatively quick fix - a half hour of me flailing around to get it to boot and an hour or so to run the full anti-virus scan.

After that minor ordeal last night, a sunning spring day in the middle of winter is quite welcome.

P.S.  Please, no Mac/Apple comments.


  1. My cousin built my computer. It's AMAZING!!! :D

    Glad you're going to enjoy the weather!

  2. 65? The wimps here in L.A. would be complaining about how "cold" it is. Yes, I laugh at them.

    *shrug* The more popular Apples become, the more viruses we'll see written for them. Just the way the world works.

  3. MMC: I used to build my own computers but this last time I was lazy and bought one from Dell.


    MH: Apparently Apple users are unable to follow a one line instruction. ;)

    GH: 65, in February, is beech weather here. I agree about the apple will eventually become a victim of viruses just like Windows.