Homer's Travels: Lamps And Flowers

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Lamps And Flowers

Well this has been a fairly uneventful week.  The Wife had a couple of snow days.  I had a dentist appointment which, sadly as I alluded to last post, will be followed by more.

I spent two days this week looking for a desk lamp.  All I was looking for was a replacement for a clamp on architect lamp.  When I found one, at Office Depot, they were out of them.  I eventually found a bunch on Friday.  I ended up buying three.  One for the den, one for the Wife's classroom, and the third will be returned (I bought it and then found a cheaper one in another store).  I guess I went lamp crazy for awhile which resulted in me downing a bag of Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Squares and a king size Milky Way over three days.  I'm thankful my next blood test isn't due for another six months.

The only thing we managed to do outside the house, besides shopping, is go to the St. Cecilia Cathedral Flower Festival last Saturday.  The theme was a Mexican one: "Xalapa, City of Flowers."  The theme resulted in very colorful displays of tropical flowers.  It made you forget the white, black, and brown snowscape outside, at least for a while.  I managed to get a few good pictures that you can see here.


  1. Soo pretty. Flowers are exactly what we all need when it's this blechy outside.


    and now I want some chocolate...

  2. when we went I remember the wonderful smell of all the flowers. They are so beautiful when it is 9 degrees outside.

  3. You're definitely a much better master of the close-up than I am. Great shots!

  4. MMC: Thank you. They were pretty and did help brighten our day.

    Mom: My nose has stopped working a long time ago so things don't smell as good as they used to for me.

    GH: I'm still working to figure out the new camera. My old S5 IS was better at close ups I believe. Of course with the right lens (i.e. expensive lens) I would be able to no much better.