Homer's Travels: Missed Her... Again

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Missed Her... Again

The Wife and I have liked Jenny Lewis ever since we first saw her at the Revenge of the Book Eaters.  After hearing her I went out an purchased her solo album ("Rabbit Fur Coat") and the lastest Rilo Kiley album at the time ("More Adventurous").  I really fell in love with her/their music.  I've since bought all the Rilo Kiley albums, Jenny's second solo album, and I saw her again one more time, this time part of Rilo Kiley in 2007.

Ever since we moved back to the Omaha area I've been hoping to go see her again.  Early on Rilo Kiley had signed with Omaha's Saddle Creek Records and I hoped she would visit her old stomping grounds.  Sure enough in 2008 she came through Omaha.  Unfortunately I found out about this a month or so after she performed.  In 2009 she performed at the slowdown in June ... when we were on vacation in Yellowstone and Moab.  In 2010 she performed on September 11 when we were seeing Anthony Bourdain at the Holland Center (We bought those tickets before hearing she was performing).  Now it's 2011 and, once again she's coming through ... on June 4th ... when I'm in Spain.  *sigh*

I think she may be avoiding me.


  1. You could always cancel Spain. But I think you'll find another opportunity to see her :)