Homer's Travels: Catching Up With The Week That Was

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Catching Up With The Week That Was

I've been a little unmotivated when it pertains to posting lately.  Everything seems too trivial to post about so, to break the six day silence, I will combine all my trivial activities into one summary post.

Last Tuesday I went to Peru, NE.  When I walked the steamboat trace last may, I'd promised myself that I would return to take more pictures of the Roland Sherman carvings.  Using my new camera and a tripod that I'd brought, I took pictures of all the carvings.  Most of the sculptures appeared unchanged but the genie of Genie Hallow was is very poor shape.  The genie is a combination of carved stone with concrete additions and most of the concrete additions had fallen off.  Not sure if this was a result of all the rain and weather we've had this summer or of vandals.  I haven't uploaded any of the new pictures.  The pictures are of slightly better quality than the ones I took in May but the lighting and poor contrast of some of the sculptures limited what I could capture.

On Friday morning I had blood drawn for another lipids test.  I moved up the blood work so that I could let loose a bit this weekend.  I know, not the best thing for me.  We were joined Friday evening by TE and JA for an high school football game at the Wife's school.  Unfortunately the overcast, drizzly, dreary day was not conducive to sitting on wet bleachers watching a game.  Instead we went out to eat at the Nebraska Brewing Company.

I have to say that I cannot recommend the Nebraska Brewing Company.  The food was okay but not spectacular.  They brewed their own beer so I ordered a root beer.  Home brewed root beer is usually pretty good.  Theirs ... well, I'll never know because they were out ... on a Friday night.  We should have took the hint when we found the place rather empty for a Friday night.  TE ordered an appetizer ... that never arrived.  The waitress was very apologetic and offered them a free dessert.  They chose the Chocolate Cobbler.  Seeing the dessert when it arrived, I ordered one for myself.  Five minutes later ... "Sorry, they're out of chocolate."  WTF. Here I had my blood drawn early so that I could splurge on some sweet root beer and a decadent dessert and I end up with bupkis. *sigh*

Saturday turned out a little better as we all went down to the farmer's market, ate a good lunch, and ended up at Maggie Moos where I consumed four scoops of Better Batter ice cream with cookie dough mixins.  Yep, it made up for Friday.  After a stop at a used bookstore (Everyone bought books except me) we went home and watched college football.  Okay, I admit that while I watched some football, I spent more time on the confuser playing on-line Scrabble.

After the game TE and JA went home and the Wife and I went to the Holland Center to listen to Anthony Bourdain.  We've been watching his show, No Reservations, for many years now and really like his irreverent take on thing.  He was surprisingly funny, interesting, and entertaining.  While he is not as irreverent, he's now married and the father of a three year old daughter - things that have mellowed him out a bit, he often took his foul mouth commentary to the bleeding edge.  The high point was when he was taking questions from the audience.  A guy walks up to the mike, tells him that his wife thinks he's sexy but thinks Bourdain's friend Eric Ripert was sexier and asked him what he thought of Ripert's lips.  Very funny.  People thanked that guy for asking the question as we left the Holland Center.

So that's it.  Today is a chore day - laundry and lawn mowing.


  1. I think T.V. has led us all to believe that our lives should be and endless string of excitement and interesting activities. Sometimes, I revel in the mundane days...

  2. I agree with geekhiker! I feel frustrated for your bad restaurant experience but I love the name Maggie Moos!

    that's pretty awesome!!:)

  3. GH: It becomes a problem when the mundane days string together.

    Miss McC: Maggie Moos is kind of cute and the ice cream is yummy.