Homer's Travels: A Return To The Wife's Alma Mater

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Return To The Wife's Alma Mater

This weekend we went to Notre Dame for the Stanford-ND football game.  We left Omaha on Thursday night, spent the night at the in-law's house, and drove into South Bend, IN on Friday.  The drive was long and uneventful but I did snag an awesome, vintage looking, I ♥ Bacon t-shirt at a restaurant near Walcott, IA.

Notre Dame - Basilica, War Memorial, and Golden Dome.
Friday evening we went to the pep rally before heading to our hotel.  After the long day in the car eating crap, we thought we'd go down to the hotel bar to get a snack before we went to bed.  We sat, ordered some food and drink.  While we waited for our orders, the music was turned off and some guy stood up and welcomed everyone to a meeting of his Libertarian group and thanked the local Tea Party Patriot group for joining them this evening.  The Wife and I rolled our eyes and wondered what we'd gotten ourselves into.  At one point we scootched our chairs around so our backs were to them.  I wanted to say soooo much but I knew they were all packing heat so I kept my mouth shut and tried not to attract any attention.  I didn't even finish what I ordered - lost my appetite.

Golden Dome ... Illuminated.
Saturday was game day.  We walked around campus taking pictures.  (I added the pictures to my Notre Dame album and can be found here.)  As we entered campus I noticed the cheering squad leaving a building.  With them was the Leprechaun.  I asked the wife if she wanted her picture taken with him and he was nice enough to oblige.  Made the Wife smile.  (The picture has circulated around the family for a few days now.)  We waited by the basilica to greet the players as they entered.  The Wife got a hug from one of her former students, one of Notre Dame's tailbacks.  Made her smile again.

The custom is to follow the band into the stadium.  This time the Alumni Band led us in.  The oldest was 91!  Not sure what he/she played but I bet it wasn't the tuba.  They played pretty good and they joined the regular band on the field during half-time - 1,000 members strong.

The game was ... disappointing but the weather held out and we stayed dry but chilled.  We left the game early and got a good pew in the basilica for Mass.  We went back to the hotel ... and stayed away from the bar and the wackos.

It was a good weekend getaway despite the loss.  I ate entirely too much junk food and I'm sure my arteries were screaming by the time I got home.  I'm trying to get back to eating healthy.  My arteries will thank me once they get out of their coma.


  1. Bacon - is there anything it can't do?

    Sorry 'bout your run-in with the the Tea Partiers. After you left, you should have sent them a big pot of black coffee - the anti-tea drink. :)

    Great pictures, per usual (I must get me a dSLR). No, go get yourself a salad!

  2. Salads are delicious. I totally craved one after my Homecoming outing. :D

    Besides the Tea Party, it sounded like a good time! :D

  3. GH: Thanks! Bacon is the duct tape of foods.

    Miss McC: I'm usually salad deficient. It was a good weekend.