Homer's Travels: Homer Update

Monday, February 08, 2010

Homer Update

Homer went to the vet today.  He usually jumps into the car but I had to get him some help to get him in the back seat.  He stumbled on his way out.  His rear end just doesn't seem very coordinated anymore.

Nothing much to report.  The vet agrees that it may be a pulled/strained muscle in his lower back and thinks there may be some arthritis doing its dirty work in there as well.  He pumped him full of cortisone to help reduce inflammation and we have some pills to give him.  He seems a little more spry already but the trip to the vet, like most trips in the car, tired him out.


  1. Ah, the wonders of cortisone!

    Hope he's able to make a speedy recovery. Since I doubt a "get well soon" card will have much impact, give him another "get well soon treat" for me, okay?

  2. No treats from me, but if you feel the urge to scratch behind his ears, I wouldn't mind you doing so on my behalf.

    He sounds like a wonderful dog. I hope he feels better soon!!

  3. GH: Done. He seems to be feeling better already. Still won't jump up on the bed yet.

    MissMcC: Done. He's a great dog and a good companion. Thanks.