Homer's Travels: Happy Birthday To ...Me???

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday To ...Me???

Everyone does it.  The become curious.  They wonder.  You know, they Google themselves.  Now a days you almost have to to be sure that no ones talking smack about you.  I set up some RSS feeds, using Google Alerts, searching for Homer's Travels, Homer-Dog, and my Real-World name to keep tabs on myself.  Apparently, I'm living in or near North Platte, NE (about 250 miles due west of where I live).

You see, I've got this doppelganger living out in western Nebraska.  He's married - he was listed in someone's obituary as a spouse.  I suspect he's older than me.  He appears to be a presbyterian.  The latest info is his birth date - February 21 (It was listed in the church newsletter).

Someday I should drive out there, find myself, and say hi!


  1. I wonder if anyone has tried to get a hold of your other name and thought it was you. That would be pretty fun!I wonder what he does for a living. hmmmm

  2. Miss McC: Not that I'm aware of but you never know.

  3. Make sure you bring flowers for yourself...

  4. GH: I'm meeting myself, not dating myself.