Homer's Travels: With A Little Help From My Friends ...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

With A Little Help From My Friends ...

First I want to thank everyone who voted for my Nebraska Geopicting Contest picture (See sidebar). Thanks to all of you for helping me win!

This is an especially sweet win as I don't recall ever winning a contest based on something I produced. The best I've ever done has been on random drawings and lotteries and I don't think I've ever won more that $20 or $30 on those. This one picture, a picture of a sunset pointed out to me by the Wife, has won me $1,250 ($250 Cabelas gift card and a laptop worth $1,000).

It's an awesome feeling. One I've waited almost 46 years to experience. Makes me want to find some local photography contests to enter or something. But first I'll have to chip all the ice we are expecting over the next 24 hours.

Thanks again to everyone who voted.


  1. Congratulations! Plus, you get to geek-out over a new laptop! :D

  2. GH: Thank you. I may actually get more than just a laptop. More to follow ... maybe.

  3. Awsome!! Congrats ... it is definately a beautiful picture! Wife has a great eye!

  4. Dobegil: Thank you! Your vote, and those of your friends, push me over the top!