Homer's Travels: A Slow Start To 2010

Sunday, January 03, 2010

A Slow Start To 2010

The new year has pretty much started out like last year. The one difference is we decided not to go downtown to watch the fireworks this year. The snow that we had Christmas has been followed by a real cold snap with temps staying in the single digits and teens during the day and negative numbers at night.

The first three days of the new year have been filled with slow moving and rather mundane activities. The Wife has gone shopping twice so far this year though the outings have been motivated more by cabin fever than the desire to buy anything. Other than that, football and HGTV has filled her days.

Me, I've been trying to recuperate from the killer back ache I've been suffering from since the day after Christmas. It is getting better but very slowly. The snow blowing/shoveling I did this morning (2-3 more inches fell over night) seems to have helped it a bit. I think my back needed a good stretch. The rest of my time has been filled with reading, budgeting, and tax preparation. Well, that last thing was actually me buying TurboTax and downloading it from Amazon. You might think I'm sick but I enjoy the whole budgeting and tax preparation process. We came out ahead last year - always a good thing. Quicken is one of my most used programs. Who knows, in another life I could have been an accountant.

So, what will 2010 bring? Based on some of the Facebook posts recently, there is a lot of optimism for the new year. It does have a nice ring to it doesn't it - 2010 - Twenty-Ten. I can't believe that people on the news are arguing if it's twenty-ten or two thousand ten. What a waste of air time. 2010 has a very Sci-Fi ring to it and it almost makes you feel that we've finally made it to "the future".

I don't make resolutions. I do make plans that I often stray from though.
  • I plan to read more.
  • I plan to try to watch less day-time television.
  • I plan to push my hiking/walking out past the twenty mile point.
  • I plan on walking the Steamboat Trace.
  • I plan to walk the Cowboy Trace if other things work out.
  • I plan to finally convince myself that I can do the Pilgrimage in Spain.
  • I plan to enjoy our Jordan vacation.
So, let's get this year started ... even if I'm three days late.

Oh Yeah and Congratulations to Just A Girl and her Boy who are getting married today. I wish them all the happiness in the world.


  1. Here's to accomplishing all plans and goals set for 2010.

    Hope your back gets flexible soon.

  2. Worthy goals for the new year, my friend.

  3. Yes! How awesome is it that they are getting married?

    I love your plans for the new year. what do you like to read?

  4. Dobegil: It seems to be getting better but it's not quite there yet. It feels fine in the morning but is achy by the end of the day.

    GH: Thank you. I hope I accomplish all of them but my track record has been sketchy at best.

    Miss McC: Welcome to Homer's Travels.

    It is very awesome. Very happy for her and the Boy.

    Thanks. I tend to lean to Science Fiction interlaced with non-fiction. For the non-fiction I've been reading travelogues and some history. I can be a little eclectic. I post reviews on Homer's Travels - search for Book and you can see the books I've read since 2006.

    Unfortunately I'm a pretty slow reader, hence the plan to read more.