Homer's Travels: I Must Be Rough On My Toys

Saturday, January 09, 2010

I Must Be Rough On My Toys

My snowshoes survived three outings. When I was taking them off after my last trip to Boyer Chute I noticed that part of the right shoe, the front decking of the shoe, had broken. On closer examination I saw that the decking on my left shoe, in the exact same place, was cracked half way through.

Fortunately an e-mail to the manufacturer confirmed they were still in warranty so I went to
Scheels today to get them exchanged. Of course, after the tons of snow we've had this year, Scheels is completely out of snowshoes. So I'm now on the "call me when you get them in" list which sounds like a long wait. Fortunately the damage isn't crippling and I can still use them.

Speaking of toys, I received a package in the mail today. It was a replacement for a loyal companion of mine. Here is a picture of the old and the new:

The new GPS is a Garmin Oregon 400t (the 't' indicates the unit has topological maps loaded). Touch screen, tiny compared to my old one, color display, USB instead of the ancient serial port, and much, much more. I haven't had a chance to get outside with it yet but I suspect it will be a bit better than my old Magellan Meridian Platinum. For one thing, when I scanned this picture (I put the units face down on the scanner) the old one was still looking for satellites, as indicated by the hour glass, something it has never been able to do inside away from the window. The new one had a lock in no time.

My only concern is the new one seems less rugged than my old. The ol' Magellan, with it's rubberized body, survived a few drops in its day. I'll have to be a little more careful with the new one.

I hope to have a chance to play around with it later this week. I can't wait!

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  1. Well, all those snowshoes need is a little duct tape... ;)

    Very cool purchase! I look forward to a thorough review of the Oregon, since at some point I'll be needing to replace my old Garmin. I highly suggest going to Zagg and getting an invisibleShield for it.

    As for the foreshadowing, *shrug* I know how a geek mind works. :)

  2. GH: I hope to try it out tomorrow and a long walk/hike along the river.

    As for the screen guard, I am way ahead of you for once. I have something like three packs of screen guards left over from the three PDA dinosaurs I used to own. First thing I did was stick one on the GPS screen.