Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thank Heaven For Little Girls ...

The Loon Whisperer and her three girls (4, 2, and 2) visited today. She is a good friend and they are sweet little girls. I don't know how the Loon Whisperer does it.

Thank heaven we never had children.


  1. I think you would have been an awesome dad, so I'm sad we didn't have our own children.

  2. It their ages right now that make them overwhelming.

  3. Wife: I would have had my moments but I'm not sure I could have handled it 24/7

    JaG: That's probably true. Especially for the four year old who knows my name and thinks I should play with her and so she sits there calling my name endlessly when all I want to do is be with the grownups.

  4. And I like when they call me to play because then I get to get away from the boring adult talk. ;)
    There is only so much talk about kids, mortgages and fluff I can handle.

  5. Sure, but you did play with them and by the way ... you had a smile on your face and looked like you were having fun sliding down the stairs, buddy.

  6. JaG: I would agree if the Spud hadn't been so ... insistent. It was irritating at times. Then again, I can be a stick in the mud at times.

    Wife: I did enjoy sliding down the stairs on my butt because the twin I was sliding with isn't talking yet.

    GH: All three ... at Once. Crazy chaotic terror.