Homer's Travels: Thank Heaven For Little Girls ...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thank Heaven For Little Girls ...

The Loon Whisperer and her three girls (4, 2, and 2) visited today. She is a good friend and they are sweet little girls. I don't know how the Loon Whisperer does it.

Thank heaven we never had children.


  1. I think you would have been an awesome dad, so I'm sad we didn't have our own children.

  2. It their ages right now that make them overwhelming.

  3. Wife: I would have had my moments but I'm not sure I could have handled it 24/7

    JaG: That's probably true. Especially for the four year old who knows my name and thinks I should play with her and so she sits there calling my name endlessly when all I want to do is be with the grownups.

  4. And I like when they call me to play because then I get to get away from the boring adult talk. ;)
    There is only so much talk about kids, mortgages and fluff I can handle.

  5. Sure, but you did play with them and by the way ... you had a smile on your face and looked like you were having fun sliding down the stairs, buddy.

  6. Three of 'em? All at ONCE? Yipe!

  7. JaG: I would agree if the Spud hadn't been so ... insistent. It was irritating at times. Then again, I can be a stick in the mud at times.

    Wife: I did enjoy sliding down the stairs on my butt because the twin I was sliding with isn't talking yet.

    GH: All three ... at Once. Crazy chaotic terror.