Homer's Travels: How's The Weather?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

How's The Weather?

Anyone who lives outside of southern California knows the importance of knowing the weather. Here in the Mid-West changes in the weather can be unpreditable. You have to keep up on the weather to avoid being unpleasantly surprised.

When I bought my weather station, I'd decided not to put it online because the cost to add the interface seemed excessive. The Wife, Best Man, and Matron of Honor all encouraged me and the Wife even offer to pay half. So I changed my mind and purchased the interface and installed it a few weeks ago. The interface allows me to upload data from my weather station to the free weatherlink site. The past week I was trying to find out a way to post it on Homer's Travels. The free site doesn't provide any widget or RSS feeds. There were ways to generate HTML but frankly, my skill is lacking. Then I discovered you could upload your data to the Weather Underground and they provided a gadget. It's a round-about way to do it but it seems to work.

So now, if you are ever curious about the weather in my backyard, just check the widget in the side bar.


  1. Attention the MOH:

    It shows the dew point!

  2. I love wunderground, and use it all the time. It beats the heck out of weather.com. So much to see and so much to do. Love the widget!

  3. Move the widget to the top of the page. I'm tired of slicking and scrolling. Who's with me?!

  4. That's right, I said "slicking".

  5. Yes, BM, I noticed the dew point. The dew point tells it all for me. Sticky or not sticky, that is what its really about. I love knowing the stats in your back yard, I have no idea why, I just do. I guess its one of those "family" things. Love it HD!

  6. BM: :-)

    JaG: Thanks!

    Norm: Thanks, now I am a contributor to Wunderground.

    Wife: This may require a vote.

    MoH: Thanks. When are you and the BM getting a weather station?

  7. Hey, hey, hey, now. I know the importance of weather, and I live in So-Cal! Actually, I kinda wish it were more interesting, sometimes. Still, there is some variety: where else can you have a chilly day on the coast, blistering heat in the Valley, and thunderstorms in the mountains, all within a few miles of each other?

  8. GH: Who says I was talking about you? HA! SoCal people, not necessarily you, don't know what a real thunderstorm is.