Homer's Travels: "Even If It Kills Me"

Saturday, August 02, 2008

"Even If It Kills Me"

Yesterday afternoon, after I posted, I got in the car and headed for Gene Leahy Mall to listen to a Jazz In The Park concert.  The concert was supposed to start at 6:30 and, after fighting rush hour traffic, I got there at about 5:45.  I arrived at the mall (think Washington Mall, not Mall of the Americas) and looked around.  The mall is about a block wide and six blocks long and is dominated by a large body of water running down it's length.  I looked but couldn't see any stage or gathering crowd.  I walked to the closest end - nothing.  I walked the entire six block length - nothing.  I walked back to the other end - nothing.  14 blocks of nothing.  At this point I was a little sweaty and I'd convinced myself that I must have the wrong day for the concert.  Muttering under my breath I headed back to the car and back home.
When I got home I checked on-line - I had the right location, the right time, and the right day.  What The ...?!?  If there was a concert being held anywhere in that park, they effectively hid it from me.
Of the four concerts I was interested in hearing, I managed to attend only one (Feist).  Not a very impressive success rate.  The other concerts fell victim to the Heat Index, Network Configuration, and now, Unknown Location.  There are other concerts coming up including more of the Jazz In The Park series.  Maybe next time I'll actually hear some music.


  1. Hmmmm... To the right of this post as I read it is the travel magnet for Roswell, NM. I can't help but wonder if, perhaps, the concert was a victim of alien abduction...

  2. GH: I still don't know what happened. I will have another chance to find them this Friday. Hopefully I'll have better luck.