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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This, That, And The Other

Just a few odds and ends.

  • The home equity line of credit has been approved so now, if we find a house in Omaha that we want to buy in April, we can go ahead and pay cash for it.
  • Now that the line of credit is approved the house is back on the market. We talked with our realtor yesterday and we dropped the asking price pretty severely. Hopefully the aggressive price drop will lure in some buyers.
  • The other shoe, the one related to last Friday, dropped today and it was Great News. Everything was negative which, believe you me, is very good news.
Now it's time to distract both of us so we are going on vacation. Yep, we're going to one of the destinations listed on the right-hand column of Homer's Travels. Actually, it's the only domestic vacation currently on our list: San Francisco. This is the first real vacation I've had since Peru in 2006. Since I was saving up my leave at work so that we would have a large reimbursement check when I pseudo-retired, we didn't go anywhere last year. The closest thing to a vacation for me was our visit to Minnesota for the Altar Boy's wedding. While that was fun, it wasn't quite long enough to be a real vacation being only 4 days, .

Our itinerary includes such marvels as completing the California Missions (7 to go), the Winchester House, Alcatraz (an evening tour), and a Segway Tour of Angel Island. We have another day to hit a few spots like Golden Gate Park, Haight-Ashbury, and a few other places. We will be there for a total of seven days starting Friday.

I am planning to take my laptop so I may be able to post about the trip. I've never done that before and it will depend on how easy it is to get internet access. I think our hotel has Wi-Fi in the lobby but I'm not sure about in the room. We'll see.


  1. Doc: The Wife is sending you an e-mail as I write this comment.

  2. Glad to hear of the good news (and that a negative is a positive, in this case).

    Have fun in my old stomping grounds. I think you're going to love Angel Island; I used to hike it quite a bit and the different levels of history there are fascinating.

  3. Let us know how you liked the Winchester house. We see that all the time on those haunted travel shows.

  4. GH: Thanks. We're both looking forward to Angel Island - not only the history but the rides on the segways. OF course, we are easily entertained.

    Norm: Will do. If I have Internet access and energy I will post about it on Saturday.

  5. Just watch the hurdles fall over...

  6. Gany: I like how you think. When we pass another milestone, the wife says "Check" and we look ahead to the next hurdle. I just wish there were fewer hurdles.

    Each hurdle we cross is one hurdle closer to our goal.