Homer's Travels: Killer Of Creativity

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Killer Of Creativity

I haven't been posting very regularly lately. The house has been a stressful place these past couple weeks. Some of the stress inducers have been mentioned in the last couple of posts but the most stressful issues cannot be blogged about. Some things are just too personal.

I try to get posts put together but, to tell the truth, stress is not very conducive to creativity. I've been drawing a major jagged edge blank lately and my mind just isn't there. I am still going to hike. I need the distraction. This should result in at least one other post this week but that may be it. Who knows.

Homer's Travels lingers in the background. The people who should be in my thoughts are there, front and center. I hope that everything will turn out well.


  1. It's amazing how some of you bloggers think you have some sort of obligation to write something. I mean it's always nice to see there is new content but a reader's job is to wait... and read.

    One thing I dislike is when a blog stops suddenly without any reason. As long as it doesn't happen, I stick around.

  2. Don't worry about the posting. Blogging is about life, life isn't about blogging. Hope the stress goes away soon.

  3. More than understandable.

    I often do those weird blog quiz things when I get like that.

    Whenever and whatever works. that's the nature of journaling.

  4. Gany: I do feel a little obligated to post often. Thank you for for stopping by. I promise I will not stop without warning. I'm just having a tough time - nothing insurmountable.

    GH: Good point. The stress will be around for a few more weeks I'm afraid but it's nothing that can't be overcome eventually.

    JaG: Thank you. I always enjoy taking your quizzes.