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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Walking Sister

I sent out a new geocaching travel bug (TB) this week. This is one I put together for the wife. The wife collects, among other things, nun paraphernalia – mostly toys and figurines. In her collection were nun finger puppets which she received from Archie McPhee (a Christmas present I believe). I took one of the finger puppets, put a loop of the chain into the hole at the base of the nun and filled it up with epoxy. We christened the nun The Walking Sister.

The wife used to teach at Mercy High School run by The Sisters of Mercy. The Sisters of Mercy were once known as the walking sisters because they were one of the few orders that worked outside their convent. They run schools and hospitals all over the US, Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Ireland, and other places worldwide. The also run Mercy Corp, a humanitarian organization that helps disaster victims and other people in need.

The mission of The Walking Sister is to visit institutions run by the Sisters of Mercy. The TB is small enough to fit in small caches so it should be easy for her to move around. She started her journey on Monday when I dropped her off in the first cache that we ever found: “Bayside Cross”. This cache overlooks an old cross in Ventura’s Grant Park – a suitably religious starting point.

My other TB, Polar Explorer, originally dropped off in Minnesota, traveled to Mississippi and has been picked up and is heading for Guam (!) and should be dropped sometime near the end of this month.

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