Homer's Travels: One Year Anniversary

Monday, August 20, 2007

One Year Anniversary

Wow, the one year anniversary of Homer’s Travels came so fast that I missed it. Homer’s Travels is now 1 year and 2 days old. I started this blog to let our family and friends know what we are up to and it is serving that purpose well. Over the last year a general theme has emerged. One that actually jives with the name – Travel, Hiking, and Geocaching. A few observations:
  • My writing hasn't changed much. I wish I could say that my writing has improved. I was hoping that after 226 posts my writing would have improved. When I am writing I always feel that my writing sucks but over the past few weeks I have been re-reading my old posts and some of them aren't half bad if you ignore the spelling and grammar errors. The wife says that my writing has a voice and that it sounds like me. I guess it does. I tend to write as I think which is often how I speak – though I often speak without thinking, something I am trying to improve upon. I have found that leaving a little time between the event and writing about it improves the writing but not the recollection – a trade off.

  • My posts are longer then I expected. I figured my post would all be short but I always seem to have stuff to write. I guess there's nothing wrong with this.

  • It is getting harder to come up with things to post about. I try not to make posting a chore and it usually isn’t but there are times I feel pressure to post something and nothing comes to mind. This can be a frustrating. I have averaged about 17 posts per month based mostly on my hikes which guarantees at least one post per week, and our weekend outings which come in fits and spurts. I have posted about all our past vacations and our next vacation is several months away. My 1995 roadtrip will take about 14 or 15 posts to complete. We have a few more California Missions to visit. We have at least one concert in October. I'm sure something will come along to post about.

  • Some of my best posts are not about Travel, Hiking, or Geocaching. Some of my best posts, in my opinion, are shorter then my average post and rarely have anything to do with travel, hiking, or geocaching. They are also some of the harder posts to write.

I shouldn’t feel bad I guess since most blogs don’t survive a month. I've done a lot better then I expected to do.


  1. Congrats on your one-year anniversary!

    Keep blogging, and see you around on the trails...

  2. Thanks,

    I'm going to try but it gets harder over time. You have to really like to write. Living an interesting life also helps.