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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Television, Movies, and other Christmas Stuff

OK then. We had a full weekend of chores and vegging, something we both needed. I started Saturday with some long overdue chores followed by 6 hours of SciFi network goodies. I had eight hours of Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica and the "Lost Room" miniseries. Fast forwarding through the commercials saved me about two hours. I had recorded the Lost Room figuring I would read reviews and decide to watch it or not later. The reviews I read were generally positive so I gave it a shot. It was an interesting show though it borrowed from other shows such as Lost and Friday the 13th: the series. The story line is a little quirky and disbelief had to be suspended a time or two. Nevertheless, I was entertained. I am sure there is a series in the near future since the miniseries ended wide open.

Saturday night was Christmas Card night. Write - stuff - address - stamp - seal - repeat. We dread doing it but it takes so little time. Another thing I dread is wrapping presents. Again, it's an easy task but I always dread it. I haven't wrapped the wife's presents yet and I don't expect to get it done until Monday night. Then, three nights later , before we fly home, all those packages, so carefully wrapped in pretty paper, will be torn asunder. Oh well, traditions must be upheld and upheld they shall be.

Today, Sunday, we went to see Apocalypto. I have to say that I was disappointed. I tried to suspend disbelief one more time but I just couldn't do it. Enough was enough. The movie is violent and bloody - sometime to the point of absurdity. Coincidences and dumb luck abound and I just couldn't enjoy the last half hour to its fullest. I mean really, can a wounded man who has lost a lot of blood, has an arrow hole in his gut, and has been running for his life for who knows how long, really out run an angry maternal Jaguar?

After the movie we went to the mall on a luggage quest for the wife. We struck out and, being driven mad by the crowds, ran screaming out of the mall and headed home. OK, not really but we did walk fast. On the way out from the mall, we passed a guy in a Santa suit holding some sale sign. The wife stuck her head out the car window and yelled: "I want a Pony, Santa!" I'm sure the dude in the suit wanted to tell her where she could put that pony but he controlled himself and ignored the wife's yelling.

Tonight we will watch the Survivor finale and go to bed with thoughts of what we have to get done before we head home for the holidays.

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