Homer's Travels: It Just Gets Better ... Enough Already!

Monday, December 25, 2006

It Just Gets Better ... Enough Already!

On Christmas Eve, we were going to have a visitor (one of the wife's friends) and we were all going to have dinner at another of our friends. First, the wife's friend who was in Corona for a Family wedding decided to stay for another party and didn't show up. And then, I get sick. My nose is running, I have a sinus headache, I feel feverish (though I don't have a fever), and I feel all wrung out. So, the wife has dinner with our friends alone while I lay on the couch fighting a bug watching strange Christmas cartoons. The weirdest cartoon, by the way, was the Grim Adventures of Bill & Mandy in which Santa Claus is turned into a vampire by Mrs. Claus who happens to be the head , head vampire (The head vampire turns out to be a prissy neat freak). It seems Mrs. Claus was tired of doing all the housework while Santa kept checking his lists. I topped this off with Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, and a Christmas South Park episode. Merry Christmas. This is the weirdest Christmas I have ever had. I think I am ready for a traditional Christmas with family.

No more Weirdness!

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