Homer's Travels: First Quiet Weekend in a Long Time

Friday, December 15, 2006

First Quiet Weekend in a Long Time

We were planning to hit another Mission near Paso Robles with a side trip to Cambria and Harmony but the weather said otherwise. Saturday is going to be rainy and cold all along the California coast so we are rescheduling the roadtrip and spending some time at home - something we haven't done in quite a while. I was looking forward to going but some downtime at home seems appealing as well. It seems we've been on the go since we got back from Peru and I started blogging ("I need something to write about - let's go do something!").

We are just a week away from our Christmas trip back home to visit the folks. The 'J' will be keeping Homer company and housesitting for us. We always feel more relaxed knowing there is someone taking care of our stuff.

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