Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #78

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Weekly Ephemera #78

My Weekly Ephemera post is coming out a day early to make room for my annual Homer's Travels roundup.

  • It appears all my health issues are behind me.  I would say I am close to 98% healed.  I'm also happy to say that none of the possible post-surgery side effects have appeared.
  • I restarted walking this week.  I kept things relatively short so I could feel how my body was feeling.  I felt fine so I walked three times for a total of 10.26 miles (16.5 km).
  • The Wife and I packed up all the Christmas decorations.  The number of boxes has mysteriously increased to the point that it all won't fit in the cubby where we store our Christmas decorations.  With the tree down the living room is much brighter (the tree half covers the living room's main window).  With the holiday season rapidly coming to an end we are all ready to enter the new year.
  • It's a hard time for podcasters right now.  One of the podcasts I listen to, Rocket, closed their doors this week after a nine year run.  I'd only been listening to it for the past six months or so but I will miss the geek conversation between the hosts Brianna Wu, Christina Warren, and Simone de Rochefort.

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