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Thursday, December 07, 2023

Health Update

Warning: As people get old, more and more of their conversations center around their health or lack thereof.  This post is an old man post.

I had my surgery on Monday.  There were a couple things they were going to do: 

  • The first was to remove a kidney stone before it caused any trouble.  In the process of doing so they discovered five more stones.  All the stones were embedded in scar tissue which made it more difficult to get out.  A stent was put in that will have to be removed in a couple weeks.
  • The second thing was a laser procedure on my enlarged prostate.  That went fairly well.
  • While doing these things the doctor also found a couple tumors on my bladder.  They were removed.  Fortunately the biopsies of the tumors show them to be benign.

I was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon.  I was released once I proved I could urinate.  I was happy to leave the hospital without a catheter.  My happiness was premature though.  Early Wednesday morning I woke up and I was not able to urinate so I went to the emergency room.  Turns out this happens in about 10% of patients who have this procedure and is usually related to drug/anesthesia side effects.  I went home with a catheter.

For all that was done, I'm feeling pretty good.  Any pain I had was gone by Tuesday night.  The little discomfort I have is controlled with over the counter pain meds.  The catheter is more a pain in the butt than anything and it will be remaining in place until next week.

I've been a bit tired since I've been home.  I am restricted to lifting no more than ten pounds (4.5 kg).  I'm wondering if some of my tiredness is medication related - I'm on several for the next four to five days.

For the next couple weeks I'm just going to relax and let my body heal.

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