Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #73

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Weekly Ephemera #73

  • I hope all my American friends had a filling Thanksgiving.  I did not.
  • Mid-week I started feeling odd.  I was having achy/restless legs and food made me feel bloated.  This progressed to short anxiety attacks, lightheadedness, general body fatigue, intermittent intestinal distress, and acid reflux.  This led me to sleeping through most of Thanksgiving.

    I'd started a new medication the week before and many of these things were listed in the side effect list so I stopped taking it.  Unfortunately several other symptoms do not match with the medication's side effects but would fit with an intestinal bug.

    As I write this I am feeling much better (though not 100% yet).  I do not know if it was a bug or a drug side effect.  I plan to restart the medication sometime after my surgery next week.  If the symptoms return then I will know.
  • We also got letters this week saying that both our Dentist and our General Practitioner are retiring/moving on.  It sucks to have to replace one doctor but two?  Ugh.
  • Oh, and did I mention our health insurance premium is going up a lot next year?  Yes, it is.
  • Before all this hit me I did manage to do a couple walks totalling 10.9 miles (17.6 km) before my body gave out.  We'll see how I feel this coming week.
  • This week, when I wasn't sleeping, I watched the first two seasons of "Welcome to Wrexham".  This is in preparation for our trip to Great Britain sometime next year (possible in the Fall).  We are hoping to see a game while we are there.
  • We had our first real snow last night.  Maybe an inch more or less.  Everything was pretty, clean, and white when I got up this morning.  It's almost gone already.
  • I was originally thinking of putting up the Christmas Tree today but I think it will have to wait till later this week when I feel more 100%.

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