Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #72

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Weekly Ephemera #72

  • It's been over a week since we got back from southeast asia and we are both still fighting jet lag.  The thirteen hour time difference is really knocking us through a loop.  I've spent most of this week doing not much of anything substantial.  I've mostly been catching up on TV.
  • On Thursday I had my pre-op check up in preparation for my prostate and kidney stone surgery early next month.  Chest x-ray, EKG (my first), and blood work.  I dreaded the blood results as I never can control my carb intake (and I really don't try very hard to control them) while traveling.  Sure enough my A1C was back in the diabetic range.  My diet is back under my control and I'll be restarting my walking this week so the numbers will come down.
  • I caught up on my superhero TV/Movies.  I watched "The Marvels" in the theater.  I liked it.  Not sure why it isn't doing better.  Probably a lack of promotion due to the Actor's strike.  I finished the week watching "Loki" season two.  It was good too and bit thought provoking ... if you put any thought into superhero stories.
  • I will be restarting my travel posts this week.  I have one more Vietnam and one Cambodia post to write.
  • I used to use Mint.com to keep track of our finances but, like most free cool stuff, it will be shutting down in January so I spent the first part of the week playing with alternatives.  I ended up on a paid subscription to Quicken.com (I used to use Quicken on the desktop and moved away to an online only service - I feel like I'm going backwards).  This was a pain in the a$$.  It took me a couple days to get everything the way I like it and it still doesn't have everything that Mint.com had.  Mint.com was advertising supported and that market is going through tough times.  Hopefully a paid service will be more stable and long lived.

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