Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #40

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Weekly Ephemera #40

We will be busy on Christmas day so I'm posting the Weekly Ephemera post a day early.
  • The weather turned cold this week as we rang in the winter season.  The forecast of cold temperatures was pretty much spot on.

    The forecast for snow was a bit off.  I'm not sure how much we actually got since when I looked out at the snow it was falling sideways.  Sideways falling snow, blown by blizzard winds, is a bit unpredictable and hard to measure.  I can say we had just over an inch on the sidewalks.  I'd picked up the neighbor's snow blower a few days before the snow and I decided to use it despite there being so little snow.  This made it a little faster which was good as it was -11℉ (-24℃) and windy and I wanted to finish as soon as I could so I could go back inside for a hot shower.
  • Despite the very hard wind we had, only one ball fell out of the oak tree.  Of course, more may have blown off and simply went down the street.  It's hard to keep track of them sometimes.
  • I walked twice this week for a total of 17 miles (27.4 km).  It was cold on my second walk and there was a thin sheet of ice on the sidewalks.  I walked a lot on the grass so I wouldn't fall on my butt.  I hope to get in a few more walks before the new year.
  • On Christmas Eve the Wife and I went over to Mom's for food and presents with her and her step son's families.  We will be spending Christmas day at Mom's  for more food.
I hope you all are having a great Christmas weekend surrounded by family and friends.

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