Homer's Travels: Book: M. R. Carey's "The Boy On The Bridge"

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Book: M. R. Carey's "The Boy On The Bridge"

The last book of 2022 was the sequel to 'The Girl With All the Gifts" which I read back in December 2015.  M.R. Carey's "The Boy on the Bridge" follows a group of scientists and soldiers trying to find a cure for the fungal infection that turns people into mindless 'hungries' (i.e. zombies).

I came close to giving "The Girl With All the Gifts" five stars.  This second book was not as good, mainly because it lacked the originality of the first - the curse of being a sequel.  It was not as good but it was okay.  The main character, an autistic boy savant, irritated me which brought the whole story down for me.

While it had its faults, it wasn't bad, so I gave it four stars out of five on Goodreads.  The ending was interesting and full of hope which we all need these days.

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