Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Eighth Caminoversary Of The End Of My Second Camino

Today marks eight years since I sat on the rocks and watched the sun set on my second, and most likely last, Camino.  I remember the strong sense of completion.  You would think this would have been accompanied by a feeling of accomplishment but it was kind of sad.  GV told me, years after that day, that she cried as she sat with me there in the waning light of the day.  I think I understand how she felt.  Our Camino was over.  Something important was coming to an end.

When I hiked the Appalachian Trail I really wanted to have the same feeling but it never came, at least not with the intensity of the end of the Camino.  This just proves how important the Camino was to my life.  Some things can only be experienced once and doing them again is just a faded copy and this is why I commemorate the end of my Camino and the growth it brought.

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