Thursday, October 21, 2021

Book: C.M. Kosemen's "All Tomorrows: A Billion Year Chronicle Of The Myriad Species And Varying Fortunes Of Man"

This was a book recommended by the Wife's students.  I have read similar books before.  They fit in a genre of their own.  They are science fiction written as non-fiction.  They are often written as histories but cover speculative future events.  Books like "After Man", "Man after Man", and "Expedition" are examples of the genre.  Since I am fond of this type of fiction I decided that this would be my next read.

C.M. Koseman's "All Tomorrows" turned out to be a hard book to find since it isn't sold at Amazon.  I eventually found a PDF of the book on some server which I believe was in Russia (yikes).

The books covers the rise, fall, and rise again of the human race(s).  It covers a huge amount of time.  But for the scope of the book, it s very short.  A page of text is followed by an illustration of the evolved … or genetically modified … human descendant.  I found the text to be too brief and superficial and the illustrations to be amateurish.  The three books I linked to above are much better examples of this type of fiction with detailed texts and gorgeous illustrations.  "All Tomorrows" pales in comparison.

I gave this three stars out of five on Goodreads because there was a spark of something interesting there but it didn't quite deliver.  It could have been so much better.

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