Homer's Travels: Book: C. L. Polk's "Witchmark"

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Book: C. L. Polk's "Witchmark"

My sixth book of the year was C. L. Polk's "Witchmark".  The book is a fantasy in an alternate version of the early twentieth century where magic exists.

The book is a murder mystery that explores prejudice (anti-magic sentiment), the accumulation of power, and multi-leveled slavery.  Polk builds an interesting world to explore how humans interact with power and how power corrupts.

"Witchmark" explores a variation of PTSD and the invisible wounds of war with a magical twist.  The ending of the book is an unexpected "Soylent Green is people" moment.  All the threads tie together nicely but still leaves enough loose ends for a guaranteed sequel.

I gave the book four stars out of five on Goodreads. It held my attention with its intriguing world construction.

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