Homer's Travels: A Night Of Occasional Magic: The Moth At The Rose Theater

Friday, March 08, 2019

A Night Of Occasional Magic: The Moth At The Rose Theater

I have mentioned before that I listen to Podcasts.  In the past I have experienced a podcast in real life.  For example, we saw a live taping of This American Life at UCLA.  We saw a live taping of This American Life on a movie screen (I can't find a post so I guess I didn't post about it).  Finally, in 2018 we saw Ira Glass live in Omaha.

Yesterday we extended the real world experiences to another podcast, The Moth.  The Moth showcases ordinary people telling true stories about themselves.  The stories are ten to fifteen minutes long, are often humorous, serious, or both, and always interesting.

The very cool exterior
of the Rose Theater.
On Thursday evening The Moth held a main stage event (as opposed to their story slam events) at the Rose Theater.  The event consisted in five story tellers with some link to the area.  The stories varied from collected frosty cups to make airfare, to a descendant of slaves locating documents about their family.  My favorite was from a man living in Alaska doing all the wrong things when he encountered a grizzly bear and in doing so learned a lesson about himself.  The Wife and I both enjoyed the show.

This was the first time in the Rose Theater for me so it was cool to see inside this old theater built in 1926.  Since the theater usually caters to children's theater, this may have been my only chance to see inside.  It's not as spectacular as the Orpheum but it was nice enough.

This was the first Moth show in Omaha.  The Rose appeared sold out so, hopefully, there will be more in the future.

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