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Friday, August 03, 2018

Canada By Rail: The Train To Montréal

The train segment from Toronto to Montréal was our shortest.  It was only five hours and on time. The scenery out the window was mostly agriculture.  Strangely enough it didn't seem as interesting as the wheat and canola fields of Saskatchewan.  Not sure if it was just late in the vacation and I was tired or what.

There was a lot of beautiful scenery during our train ride.  The mountains of the Rockies would have been the top for me if it hadn't been so cloudy and many of the mountains could not be seen.  Because of this the best part for me at this point was the section between Winnipeg and Toronto.  Most of this leg was dense forests broken up by swamps, ponds, lakes, and rivers.  We saw eagles and other birds along this section and the Wife and I both saw moose from the train.

We arrived in Montréal early evening.  We took a short taxi ride to our hotel.  Our hotel was on Crescent street which has a lot of restaurants and bars.  We walked to a corner bistro and had a late dinner.  We were ready for Montréal.

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