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Saturday, July 07, 2018

Canada By Rail: The Train To Winnipeg

Jasper the bear says goodbye.
We left Jasper on the fourth of July, the only day in Jasper where we actually saw the Sun.  The rain we had the other days didn't slow us down too much.  We kept busy but did have to drop horseback riding for the Wife and hiking for myself.  The clearing skies on our last day allowed us to see some of the mountaintops surrounding the town before we got on the train.

The train left about an hour late which isn't too bad but it did suggest further delays later on.  The fact that the west-bound train that arrived while we were waiting was twenty-two hours late was a bit foreboding.

The clearing skies made the exit from Jasper National Park a bit more scenic though I took no pictures.  The mountains, forests, and rivers of the park eventually became the flat plains planted with green things with bright splashes of yellow canola (rapeseed for you Brits).

The clearing skies let the mountains peek through as our train approaches.
As we headed east the train stopped often to let the freight trains go by.  The freight trains have the right of way on the tracks and this part of the railway was very busy.  Each stop made us a little more off schedule.  We originally were scheduled to arrive around 9:30 pm but we pulled in six hours late at 4:00 am.

Yellow field of canola.
We checked into our hotel and slept until nearly noon before we ventured out in Winnipeg.

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