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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Canada By Rail: The Train To Jasper

We arrived at the Vancouver Pacific Train Station about three hours early. We checked our bags and relaxed until they started boarding about an hour from departure time.

We had economy seats so it was a first come - first served format without assigned seats. We got a pair of seats near the middle of the car. I would say that Amtrak has more modern and comfortable seats but our seats weren’t bad.

Looking ahead to getting to Jasper.
Since our train left at 8:30 pm it got dark fairly soon. The Wife and I both managed to get some sleep in but I have had better. It didn’t help that the sun came up at 4:30 am. People started stirring when the food car started serving at 6:30 am.

Taking a break in Kamloops, Alberta.
The train arrived in Kamloops which was the only scheduled stop between Vancouver and Jasper. I got off to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. There was nothing in Kamloops. Not even a train station that I could see. We had twenty-five minutes to leave the train but there wasn’t twenty-fiver minutes worth of Kamloops near where the train stopped.

Low clouds above a river next to the train.
The scenery from the train got better as we headed east. The skies were overcast though and most of the approaching mountains were shrouded in clouds. The train slowed down as we passed by a rather spectacular set of falls only accessible from the train. It was drizzling when we saw the falls. As we got closer to Jasper it started to rain.

A waterfall next to the train with rain drops on the window
and a reflection of my red camera.
It was raining steadily as we pulled into Jasper station. This would be an indicator of what we would experience during out stay in Jasper.

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