Homer's Travels: Music: Little River Band With Kim Carnes

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Music: Little River Band With Kim Carnes

Last night I went to the Ralston Arena to listen to some good music from my teenage years.  I enjoyed the music but I came out feeling older.

Little River Band.
Little River Band was one of my favorite bands from the late seventies.  They came out and started playing, essentially, their greatest hits album.  When they started performing I was taken back to my high school years.

Kim Carnes backed up by the Little River Band.
Half way through their set they brought up Kim Carnes who sang her own songs with Little River Band backing her up.  I knew fewer of her songs but there were some memories in there as well.

Kim Carnes finished her set with "Bette Davis Eyes", left the stage, then the Little River Band finished their set.  In all it was a good two hours of music.

The thing that got me was when Wayne Nelson, the band's lead singer, mentioned that one of their songs was a hit forty years ago.  Looking around at all the old people surrounding me in the arena just reminded me that I was one of those old people.  It might be time to rethink what concerts I go to in the future.

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