Homer's Travels: A Golden Gloves Night

Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Golden Gloves Night

Last Tuesday during my bike ride I'd passed several boxers jogging and shadow boxing on the Keystone trail.  Last night I went to my first boxing match.  Actually, there were several matches as it was the semi-finals for the Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions.  The Wife and I were joining the Brother-in-Law who invited us to go with him.

A right to the noggin.
The matches were held at the Ralston Arena and, for the semi-finals, there were three boxing ring set up.  On Friday there were twelve matches per ring.  There was a good mixture of amateur male and female boxers.  Suited up it was hard to tell the men from the women.

A panorama of the three boxing rings.
With three rings going at once it was a bit difficult to follow the activity.  The Wife had the best idea - pick a ring and concentrate on it.  I learned this lesson late in the evening.

Iowa woman losing to a Hawaiian woman.
The boxing was a lot more disorderly than I expected.  I expected a more methodical pummeling instead of the apparently chaotic flurry of blows.  This may be due to the fact they were amateurs and not professional boxers.  Amateurs or not I would not want to get on their bad side.

It was an interesting evening. Not sure boxing is my thing but I did enjoy my first boxing experience.

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