Homer's Travels: First Snow Of The Season ... Just In Time

Sunday, December 24, 2017

First Snow Of The Season ... Just In Time

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with the in-laws.  We had a very nice time in the Mother-in-Law's tiny house full of family.

Overnight we had two inches (five centimeters) of snow, our first significant snow of the 2017-2018 season.  It was a bit late this year.  It will be cold enough this week that it should last for a while.

The sun rising over the first snow.
The snow was enough that I could use the neighbor's snow blower to clear our sidewalks and driveways.  Luckily the snow blower worked - last year I could never get it started.

Snow of the ornaments.
I always like how the world looks with a fresh blanket of snow - so clean and bright ... and innocent looking.  It's also nice when it snows in time for a white christmas.

Tomorrow Christmas day at my Mom's.

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