Homer's Travels: How About Another Update?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

How About Another Update?

Since I stopped doing the post a day back in January my posting frequency has dropped off a lot.  It doesn't mean that I haven't been doing things though.  Let's see what have I been doing for the past week.

I finished buying all the food I'll need for Appalachian Trail (AT) resupply.  I repackaged a bunch of stuff, namely the homemade trail mix and the jerky, into smaller daily rations.  I am about two thirds the way through the repackaging.  Once I had seven days worth of food in a pile I realized that the bear proof food bag I had would not hold it all so I ordered a second food bag.  I suspect that, once full, both food bags will not fit in my backpack so one of the bags will be hanging off the back of my pack.  I will probably put 'day' food in the outside bag and night food in the packed bag.  Naturally, as I hike, the food bags will empty out by about two pounds of foods per day.

Also AT related, I registered my through-hike at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy site.  The registration is voluntary and is meant to help spread out the through hikers and prevent large clumps of hikers leaving from the same place on the same day.  As of March 6th, 1,169 through hikers had registered.  Including my own, there appears to be around ten hikers starting on the same day as I am.  This number is low, of course, since not everyone registers.  Based on the graphs, I will be following a very large bubble of hikers who have/are starting in March.

One last AT thing, I updated the Appalachian Trail tab to include state borders at the request of the Wife and Mother-in-Law.

I had my annual blood work done.  Most of my numbers were in the OK range but several of my numbers had creeped up since last time.   This is a sure sign that I haven't been preparing for the AT enough.  I imagine hiking for six months will work wonders for my numbers though I suspect some of the good will be countered by the high salt, high fat, and high sugar diet that I will be consuming on most of the AT.  It will be hard to maintain good eating habits on the trail.

On Wednesday I went out to lunch with my Mom.  It had been a while (shame on me) and we had fun catching up and talking politics.

On Friday I went for my only walk of the week.  It was a gloomy day but I still enjoyed walking around the Carter Lake and Florence areas.  I'm looking forward to getting out of the city and out into the wilderness in a few weeks.

On Saturday I went with the Wife to Lincoln, NE to the Poetry Out Loud state competition.  Her student, two time state champion. came in third this year.  We still don't understand the scoring of the competition - first and second places came out of left field.  This means the Wife will not be going to Washington D.C. this year.

Those are the highlights.  This coming week is quiet.   I will finish my repackaging.  I will try to get a couple walks in there as well.  Oh ... and lot of purely natural anxiety, I'm sure.

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