Homer's Travels: Well ... It Wasn't Food Poisoning

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Well ... It Wasn't Food Poisoning

The Wife got sick on Sunday which resulted in her taking a sick day yesterday - a rare occurrence indeed.  I did my best to keep her comfortable all the while hoping it was food poisoning, a non communicable condition.

Last night I discovered that it was not food poisoning and, in fact, it was communicable.  Some sort of stomach/intestinal bug that gets you from both ends.

I feel a bit better today but I'm guessing I have another twenty-four hours before I really feel better.  Right now I have no energy and I am very tired.  I was supposed to get my annual blood test tomorrow morning but I think I will have to postpone.

And now that I've documented my illness for posterity, it's time to crawl back under the blanket on the couch, try to sleep, and suffer in silence.

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