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Monday, February 06, 2017

I Went For A Walk Today

Thinking that I'd recovered enough from my minor surgery, I decided to test this theory out with a short walk in the Benson and Keystone districts of north Omaha.

I'd hoped for some sunshine but the clouds that were supposed to come in after noon came in early and the entire way was a bit overcast.  It wasn't winter dreary because the cloud layer was thin and there was still quite a bit of light making it through.  I just wished for some blue.

The walk went well.  I did a relatively short 5.69 miles (9.16 km) and I held up well.  It seems my body feels better when I'm moving.  I'll have to keep that in mind.  I think my recovery may be complete in three to seven days - right on schedule.

One highlight of the walk were some new pieces of public art in the Benson area.  Here is an example of a three dimensional sculpture hanging on a block wall.  The art is tucked into a small alley and easy to miss if you weren't looking.

"Angles on Red"
My name for it, by the way, no official name that I know of.
(By @BarrettRyker)

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