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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Book: Susan Cain's "Quiet"

I switched over to nonfiction for my eighth book of the year.  Susan Cain's "Quiet" delves into the world on introverts, a label I've often applied to myself.

Before reading "Quiet" I thought of myself as a fairly typical, if not extreme, introvert.  The book corrected many of my misperceptions and I think I have shifted position along the introvert - extrovert spectrum.  As I read the book I said yeah, that's me, I'm an introvert but then I would read something else and think "Oh, I'm not so extreme then."  Some of my more extravert features are probably introverted attempts to fit in with the extrovert dominated world we live in.  It was an interesting learning experience.

The only part of the book that lost my interest were the last two chapters about how to communicate with the opposite type and how to raise introverted children.  Being my age I have pretty much figured out how to communicate with extroverts (though avoiding them is my usual way of dealing with them).  Not being a parent, the last chapter did not interest me but I expect it would be very useful to parents.  Recognizing your child's introversion early and guiding them would be a helpful thing to know.

I gave this book four stars on Goodreads mainly because I really learned something about myself.

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