Homer's Travels: A Few Unwanted Changes

Saturday, October 01, 2016

A Few Unwanted Changes

Google, owner of Blogger, has retired and/or changed a few things in the past month or so.  Readers may not have noticed but the Travel Magnet slideshow disappeared on Thursday.  I replaced it with a static picture of the current magnet.  Clicking on the image takes you to the full Travel magnet album.

The next thing I found is the email graphic I used would not load so I replaced it with a simple text link.  I also added links to my Flickr photos and my YouTube videos.  These links can be seen in the Contact Me section of the sidebar on the right.

Neither of these changes are earth shattering but it is still a pain in the keister.  Functions should be added, not removed.  Google has a habit of doing things like this.

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