Homer's Travels: I Died Last Week

Thursday, March 24, 2016

I Died Last Week

Well ... Not me but my Google doppelganger did.  I wrote about him in a post six years ago.  This week I received a Google Alert.  My/His name had come up somewhere on the intertubes.  Sadly, the reference was to an obituary.

My doppelganger passed away last week at age seventy-five so he lived a long life.  The obit had an accompanying picture.  We really don't look anything alike but he did have blond hair like I once had.  He had, if I'm reading the obit correctly, eleven children!  He was an art teacher for twenty-nine years, an NRA member, an Eagle Scout, a Silver Beaver, and a master angler.  I think he must have been an interesting fellow.  Too bad we never had the chance to meet.

Rest in peace, Bruce H.  Rest in peace.

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