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Monday, March 14, 2016

A Sliver Of Blue

If you look at the map in the blog's right column there is a new tiny sliver of blue just south of Florida.  This afternoon we got back from an exceptional trip to Havana, Cuba.  This trip was not only special because of the location and the people we met but this was the first international trip we've taken outside of the summer months (June through August) and Cuba is the first of two international trips we are taking this year which is also a first for us.

I will be posting more details about the trip starting later this week.  Today I am working on four and a half hours of sleep, two flights, and recuperating from an eight hour delay leaving Havana - there is a strange story there will be shared.  I'm not in much shape to be composing travel posts right now.

I will say that I enjoyed the trip, with some minor reservations, and I'm glad I could go before the tsunami that will crash ashore once the embargo is lifted.

To Be Continued ...

Oh Yeah.  I hope everyone had a Happy π Day!

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