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Sunday, February 28, 2016

We Came For Two But Left With One

Last night was the annual trivia contest at the Wife's School.  We won it a couple years ago and came in second last year.  This year we went in hungry for not only a first place win but also with a best table theme/costume trophy as well.

Our team was the Martyrs and we all dressed up as a different catholic martyr who had given their lives in often gruesome ways.  I went as Pope Clement I who was tossed overboard attached to an anchor.  (It's amazing what you can find on Amazon.com - pope outfits, anchors, ...).  If you are my friend on Facebook then you can see some of the pictures including me in my full pope regalia (being a non-catholic I expected to burst into flame but I managed to just get hot and sweaty instead).

There were eight rounds of eight questions and we did ... terribly.  They also changed a few of the rules which ended up resulting in a lot more ties each round.  Half way through we knew we weren't doing too hot.   In the end we were not even in the top five.  We were all a bit disappointed.

Most of the conversation around our table, and in the next twenty-four hours I suspect, was how the rules changed the scoring, how bad we did answering the questions, and how the winning team had cheated.  We have no solid evidence they were cheating but they were getting too many answers right, there were a few phones out on the table (a no-no), and a few wandering eyes as their team members walked past other tables.

We did get a consolation prize.  The other tables picked us as the best theme/costumes so we did come home with a trophy in the end.

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