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Friday, February 19, 2016

The Well Is Dry ... But Not For Long

It's been eleven days since my last post.  I haven't had much to write about lately - the creative well has been dry - so I will fill the vacuum with a short status report.

It's been a month since I quit playing the game.  I still think about it.  Strange how the smallest thing like the time of day or the turning on of a computer reminds me of the game.  I guess these habits are hard to squash.  I am trying to get back to my old routines and reconnect with the world around me ... though I'm not sure how connected I want to be to all the politics swirling around right now.

I have restarted my daily stretches and exercises. I'm still having problems with the consistency of my exercise routines.  I have to keep reminding myself that the exercises are necessary for my Appalachian Trail (AT) preparations.  The thing is when I'm exercising I often think of what I would have been doing if I were still playing the game.  *Sigh*

Speaking of the AT, I am slowly putting a  list of things I need to get in preparation for the hike of my lifetime.  I'm thinking about clothes, food, and tents.   My next major hiking purchase will probably be a new tent.  While I like the tent I currently have, it can not be put up free standing (i.e without stakes in the ground) which may be a disadvantage along parts of the AT.  I'm currently looking at a Tarptent Rainbow which has the option of using your trekking poles to make the tent freestanding.  It weighs just over a kilogram (about 30% more than my current tent).  I still feel I'm behind in my AT planning but I am making some progress.  I will start to seriously make equipment purchases in the second half of next month.

While I haven't been doing as much as I've wanted to do, I do have a few things coming up.  It begins with my fourth Trek up the Tower tomorrow morning.  While I'm not sure I will best last year's time I will be giving it my best try.  This year the Wife's Niece will be joining me up the eight hundred and seventy steps.

A week from tomorrow we have our third annual Trivia Contest at the Wife's school.  We won the first and were cheated out of a win the second year.  This year we will be fighting to regain our rightful place at the top.  This year we will also try to be competitive in the table theme contest.  Pictures will surely be posted to Facebook and Twitter next weekend.

A week after the trivia contest I start my first Scuba class.  This two hour class is just an introduction to Scuba to make sure I don't unexpectedly freak out when I'm underwater.  If all goes well ... and I expect it to do so ...I will officially sign up for the scuba certification classes soon afterwards.

A few days after the scuba class the Wife and I leave on a short trip to Havana, Cuba.  I guess we will checking things out before the President shows up.  It is a farely short trip - only about three days in Havana - but it should be interesting nevertheless.  I hope the area around our hotel is walkable.  Walking is the best way to see a city.

After Cuba I will hopefully be taking my scuba certification classes and doing my certification dives later in May/June.

That's all the plans I have until our big South American trip in June.   I'm sure I/we will fit a few more things in before our trip.  I will be sure to post about them when I do.

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