Homer's Travels: Shifting Slowly Back On Track

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Shifting Slowly Back On Track

Well, it's September and it's time for me to straighten things up.  August turned out be be a cool down month more me, a cleansing of the palate after a month of furious activity.

A few things happened in August after my return from my camping trip in the Rockies.  First of all my blah mood that I'd been in since early Spring lifted.  I'd always thought it was tied to the anticipation and anxiety around RAGBRAI and my camping trip.  It appears I was right because my mood lifted as soon as I returned from the Rocky Mountain National Park.

The next thing that happened was the complete cessation of all physical activities.  The Spring and early Summer had been chock full of bike training, walking, and stretching exercises in preparation for RAGBRAI mostly but also the camping trip.  As soon as it was all over I turned into a lump.  I ended up taking a three week vacation from all exercise.

The third thing that happened it that I started to obsessively play a Star Trek based computer game.  I don't want to think about the number of hours I put into that game (still am putting ...).  It fills my waking hours except when I am doing my chores.  I guess I went from physically active activities to non-physical entertainment.

But It's now September and I am slowly weaning myself off the game.  I'm still putting many hours into it but I am still playing less than I have been.  The extra time I'm gaining back has gone mostly back into physical exercise.

I put my bike on the training stand in the basement and I rode it a couple hours this week.  I plan to ride a couple hours three times a week (a couple hours = length of a typical Netflix movie).  It felt good riding this week so I didn't lose too much over the past three weeks.

I also went for a walk/hike this week.  Excluding my camping trip, this is the first one I've done since April.  It was a short walk, 8.7 miles (14 km), but I felt pretty good despite the three weeks of sitting in front of the computer.  Fall will be here soon, one of my favorite seasons, and the walks, instead of being in the hot and humid air of summer, will be in the cool and crisp autumn air.

I took my Mom out for lunch this week as well.  I had a good time talking to Mom.  I realize I don't do this enough so I will try to make our lunches bi-weekly from now on and I will have to do some research to find new restaurants to go to.

So September, so far, has been one of getting back on track.  I seem to do this every year.  The Summer activities fill my life with adventure but throw me off my normal rhythm.  Fall is a time for renewal for me.  A return to my routine, a place where I find comfort.


  1. Nice! It sounds like you needed a break to recharge your batteries and now you're off to a fresh start! :D

    1. Autumn I'm still sort of in break mode. Having trouble getting stuff started.