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Friday, September 11, 2015

Remember The Fallen

The World Trade Center
Taken circa 1992 while lying on a bench with my very first camera purchased
across from Empire State Building earlier that day.
The world changed fourteen years ago.  History broke.

The 90s were a decade of hope.  The cold war ended.  The Internet boom started.  Crime fell.  Prosperity floated many boats.  Or so we thought.  In hindsight it might have all been an illusion.

When the planes flew into the World Trade Center the illusion came down with the towers.  Immediately after the day people talked about fixing the causes of the hatred focused on us.  There was talk of building bridges between people and faiths.  For a brief moment the hope that existed before promised a better world rising from the ashes of this act of terror.  The brief moment, like the illusion of a bright future before it, was just dust, debris, and empty wishes.  The opportunities we had were trampled under the wheels of the war machine.  A justified war began but was soon eclipsed by a new war, a pointless war, a war justified by acts of deception.  Twelve years later we are still suffering from the aftermath.

Remember what was done to us.  Remember how we ultimately reacted out of fear.  Most of all, Remember those who have fallen.

The new Freedom Tower.

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