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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Music: Decemberists With Dan Mangan & Blacksmith

On Friday night the Wife and I went to see the Decemberists at the Sumtur Amphitheater.  This was my second time seeing the band, the Wife's first time, and the first time either of us went to a concert at the venue.

Decemberist Concert at Sumtur Amphitheater.
We went out to eat before the concert.  It started to rain soon after we left the restaurant and by the time we got to the venue, only a few miles away, it was pouring.  We parked and sat in the car for awhile waiting for the rain to subside.  Fortunately it died down to a light drizzle long before the start of the concert.  We'd arrived a bit late to the venue ... late for us anyway ... and still got a fairly good place to put our chairs.  Sumtur Amphitheater is open air but there are some fixed seats near the stage.  Those were all full by the time we arrived.

The drizzle stopped and the wind picked up.  It was chilly to say the least.  Temps were in the low 60s and winds were around 15-20 mph.  I underdressed a bit and had my rain jacket hood up most of the night to stay warm.  Despite this I really enjoyed the concert.

The warm up band, Dan Mangan & Blacksmith were your average band.  Nothing special but not bad either.

A view of the whole stage and band.
The Decemberists, which I'd last seen back in 2011, were just as good outside in the cold wind as they had been inside the concert hall last time.  They played a really good set of songs finishing with an awesome rendition of the Mariner's Revenge Song.  Once again, the accordion stole the show.

I took a few pictures, four of which you can see in my 2015-05-29 Decemberist Concert Google Photos album.

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